Balance Inquiry


Last Update: 26th October 2023

The Balance Inquiry API allow to check your account balance in real time. Whether you are an individual user or an enterprise, keeping track of your available SMS credits is essential for managing your messaging campaigns effectively. This guide provides an overview of the Balance Inquiry API, including its key features, how to use it, and examples for integration.

Balance Inquiry Request

To check account balance, all POST / GET request shall be submitted to following URL:
Actual working example with optional parameters:
Below table explanation for all Parameters:
# Parameter Description Mandatory Example
1 user APP_KEY capture from Configurations > APIs > Create Connection Yes 7LrdwRb1Ya
2 pass APP_SECRET capture from Configurations > APIs > Create Connection Yes aAjc9I7mW5eGzxwYs
3 country Optional parameter
The value shows with the current balance, the remaining total SMS can be sent in particular country.

The provided value must be alpha-3 country code
eg. 'MYS' or 'CHN'
* All parameters must be encoded in URL format if API triggered via GET Request
Following sample source code in different languages:

If parameter country='MYS' is provided, the API will return 4 values as specified in HTTP Response
If country='MYS' is not provided, the API will only return 2 values without Currency and Account Balance

HTTP Response

Upon the Balance Inquiry API is called, the API will return 4 values:
  • status - The real-time request status, refer to following table Response Code
  • description - Result of the request
  • currency - Currency of your account
  • balance - Balance amount in above currency
  • optional - [with parameter 'country=MYS']
    • country - Country provided
    • credits - Available sms credits to send in particular country

Note that due to SMS are queued for process later, the return Balance is not included the charges that's going to incur later.

Response Code Description
success OK
400 Missing parameters or invalid field type
401 Invalid Username or password
403 Message API not enabled, requested IP not whitelisted or not enabled
Example of a wrong APP_KEY and APP_SECRET combination:
    "status"         : 401,
    "description"    : "Invalid Username or password"
Example of a successful response for balance inquiry request:
    "status"             : success,
    "description"        : {
        "currency"           : "MYR",
        "balance"            : "935.0378",
Example of a successful response for balance inquiry request (with country='MYS'):
    "status"             : success,
    "description"        : {
        "currency"           : "MYR",
        "balance"            : "935.0378",
        "country"            : "MYS"
        "credits"            : 11402,
Example of a missing any mandatory field(s):
    "status": 400,
    "description": "Missing parameters or invalid field type"