SMS Price


Last Update: 22nd Feb 2024
Bulk360 offers number of SMS Blasting Channels to cater your business needs. Channels such as like:

By default, upon registration, you are automatically opted-in into Direct Connection route to have best quality of delivery rate; our administrator might switch your route to appropriate SMS Channel based on the SMS content you sent.

If you would like to switch your SMS Channel, kindly contact support.

Direct Connection

An Enterprise level SMS Blasting Service - Direct Connection has the highest delivery rate in SMS Blasting; it has the highest branding for your business. The service can't be used to promote non-legitimate business. It's often used for Bank Transaction, OTP and Promotional Message for enterprise who cares about their corporate branding.

The channel supports up to million of transactions, enables top notch and flawless business experience to your customer.

Direct Connection Rate Card:
SMS Count Price per SMS Selling Price
1,000 MYR 0.110 MYR 110.00 Order Now
3,000 MYR 0.095 MYR 285.00 Order Now
5,000 MYR 0.090 MYR 450.00 Order Now
10,000 MYR 0.085 MYR 850.00 Order Now
30,000 MYR 0.085 MYR 2,550.00 Order Now
50,000 MYR 0.082 MYR 4,100.00 Order Now
100,000 MYR 0.078 MYR 7,800.00 Order Now

International Gateway

International Gateway support up to million of transactions. The delivery rate is not guarantee, where message are often filters by telcos. Different telcos has their own keyword blocking list and spam control mechanism that reduce the delivery rate.

International Gateway Rate Card:
SMS Count Price per SMS Selling Price
1,000 MYR 0.080 MYR 80.00 Order Now
3,000 MYR 0.067 MYR 200.00 Order Now
5,000 MYR 0.062 MYR 310.00 Order Now
10,000 MYR 0.059 MYR 590.00 Order Now
30,000 MYR 0.059 MYR 1,780.00 Order Now
50,000 MYR 0.057 MYR 2,850.00 Order Now
100,000 MYR 0.055 MYR 5,500.00 Order Now
300,000 MYR 0.053 MYR 16,000.00 Order Now
500,000 MYR 0.051 MYR 25,500.00 Order Now