WhatsApp Guide


Last Update: 25th Oct 2019

Voila! Finally our official WhatsApp Blasting service is UP! We are Malaysia 1st WhatsApp Authorized Partner that offers WhatsApp Business Blasting DIY Platform.

WhatsApp Blasting works the same as SMS Blasting. However, WhatsApp is taking rigurous protection towards their users' interest. You can not blast marketing message to WhatsApp user; but only pre-approved text-based Template Message can be sent to WhatsApp user.

WhatsApp Template Message

WhatsApp Template Messages use pre-approved message templates for outbound notifications. You can not use Template Message for marketing. Your Template Message should fall under one of these categories:
  • Account Update
  • Alert Update
  • Appointment Update
  • Issue Resolution
  • Payment Update
  • Personal Finance Update
  • Reservation Update
  • Shipping Update
  • Ticket Update
Steps to blast WhatsApp Message:
  1. Register your Template Message Content under WhatsApp Service > Template Messages
  2. Based on the Template created, prepare your excel file
  3. Once Template approved by WhatsApp, start your blasting campaign under WhatsApp Server > Send Personalised Message

Tutorial shows the steps to send WhatsApp Business Blasting.