Bulk360 SMS API V1.2

Developer Guide

Last Update: 20th Apr 2019


360 makes sending and receiving SMS easy. With Bulk360 SMS APIs, an enterprise level SMS Gateway capable to handle millions of transactions daily. Start creating your amazing application and leverage on our Digital Marketing Tools!

This document will cover the following areas of connectivity:

Overview of One Way SMS Flow

Below figure shows One Way SMS call flow
  1. Client request send SMS via Bulk360 SMS API [MT].
  2. Bulk360 acknowledge upon MT received, and return a Unique Reference ID. The returning values as specified in Delivery Notification.
    Noted that the MT Status here is not final
  3. Bulk360 transmit the MT to the recipient's Telco, Acknowledgement and Reference ID return from Telco
  4. Delivery Notification [DN] return from Telco
  5. Bulk360 return DN with Final Status of the MT Sent, refers to Delivery Notification for returned values.

Sending Normal Text Messages

Our HTTP API is designed for developers with instructions to integrate Bulk360 SMS services into various solutions. This guide will bring you through the process of sending messages by simply submitting your information either a POST or GET form to request to our API.

However, the POST method is recommended as opposed to the GET method due to the limitation of size and exposure of the HTTP request being exposed in the HTTP address bar.

To send SMS, all POST / GET request shall be submitted to following URL:
Actual working example with mandatory parameters:
Below table explanation for all Parameters:
# Parameter Description Example
1 user Your registered email shall be used here. mark@360.my
2 pass Your account password, the same password you used registering in the Bulk360 platform. Note that you shall change the password in your API after you change the account password in crm.360.my. pass001
3 type Transaction type
0 = Normal Message
5 = Unicode Message
6 = MMS Message
4 to Recipient's mobile number in international format (without the "+" sign) 60123240066
5 from The source name of the SMS, it accepts Maximum of 11 alphanumeric characters. [Not applicable in Malaysia] AEONSales
6 text The SMS content. When sending MT to Malaysia prefix (60) is concerned, the system will auto append “RM0.00 ” at the beginning of the SMS. This will consume 7 characters from the total characters count of the message & credits will be deducted accordingly. Message from Bulk360 Gateway
7 servid The service ID, set as 'Bulk360' Bulk360
* All parameters are mandatory and shall be encoded in URL format if API triggered via GET Request
Following sample source code in different languages:

The API will return 3 values as specified in HTTP Response.

Sending UNICODE (UCS2) messages (Multi lingual)

You are able to send Unicode SMS such as Chinese, Hindi or Thai with ease. Simply encode your Double Characters content into URL format, and tunning the SMS type to 5.

Actual working example with mandatory parameters:

The API will return 3 values as specified in HTTP Response.

HTTP Response

Upon the Bulk360 SMS API is called, the API will return 3 values:
  • status - The real-time delivery status, refer to following table Response Code
  • msisdn - Recipient mobile number
  • msgid - Reference ID returned by 360
Response Code Description
200 OK
400 Missing parameters or invalid field type
401 Invalid Username or password or ServID
402 Insufficient SMS credit
405 Invalid Msg Type
412 Account suspended / Terminated / Not activated
500 Internal server error
DELIVERED Message successfully delivered to the mobile handset
UNDELIVERED Message failed to be delivered to the mobile handset
ACCEPTED Message has been delivered to SMSC (Short Messaging Service Centre)
PROCESSING Message is yet to be delivered to SMSC, and still on queue at Bulk360 gateway.
Example of HTTP response returning:

Delivery Notification (DN)

Delivery Notification is the final status of your SMS sent.

Upon request, DNs will be forwarded to your DN URL in real time in following format:
Three parameters returns as below:
# Parameter Description Example
1 status Real-time DN Status DELIVERED or UNDELIVERED
2 msisdn MT recipient mobile number 60123240066
3 msgid The Reference ID enables client to tie the DN with the MT sent 5515023

- The total number of DNs returned will be based on the number of SMS broadcasted. E.g.: if a Group of broadcast consists of 10 MSISDNs, there will be 10 DNs returned. If there were more than 1 DN returned for the same SMS (might happen for concatenated SMS), always consider the last DN received as the final DN.
- Depending on Telcos' configuration, retries attempt might be prolonged for 36 to 48 hours if cell phone is unreachable.